Malta’s most prestigious Business Address

The Centre consists of two blocks connected via an atrium bridge overlooking the restored historic Garden Battery. With a prime and central location at the heart of this ‘new-town’ development, this iconic new building offers extensive views, both of the seafront and the car-free piazza. The Centre is part of the larger Tigné Point project: an award-winning, mixed-use development enjoying a car-free environment with residential, catering, retail and fitness facilities in close proximity and with ample underground parking facilities.

Conscious of the fact that office space users in other mature office markets have forced the pace in making developers build to specifications that address the real, current and anticipated future needs of occupiers, the developers of The Centre have planned to address the requirements of an ever-more discerning level of business tenants.

The Centre offers more than just a prime location. Further to this we should consider the 4 P's: Parking, Public Transport, Premises and Proximity.


Extensive underground parking will ensure a car-free ground level environment at Tigné Point. In Malta, commuting to work by car is the primary mode of transport for the majority of office workers. In addition to some 1,000 parking places for the residents, a further 1,000 or so spaces over four levels support the offices and the retail and leisure facilities.

Public Transportation

Regular, daily public transportation service Tigné Point with bus stops close to the western entries to the project. Picturesque ferry routes link nearby Sliema Ferries to the capital Valletta, where the majority of government organisations are located.


The Centre is being designed to satisfy user demand and to permit fit-outs to the highest specifications required by targeted occupiers. Now that Malta is an EU member, office space specifications will be strongly influenced by the needs of foreign tenants used to world-class facilities.

To facilitate user installations of IT systems in the most user-friendly, cost efficient and flexible manner, MIDI has formed SIS Ltd. a fully owned subsidiary, to provide a state-of-the-art IT services backbone throughout Tigné Point that will cater for the needs of office and private users. SIS Ltd will also be providing centralised HVAC heating and cooling throughout the Centre.

The office layouts also offer productivity enhancing large open floor plans, and raised floors for easy cabling and cost efficient lay-out change flexibility.


The proximity of a supporting environment is one of the key elements of a successful office offer. The changes underway in the area increasingly add weight to the Sliema-Tigné area as the most favoured private sector office area in Malta. The density of business in the general Sliema district encourages the proliferation of retail, cafes and catering facilities and vice versa. This allows businesses or organisations in the locality to attract the best staff drawn to the benefits of the quality offices and good supporting environment – a key element for successful businesses.

Located at the entrance of the Centre is the car-free, south facing Pjazza Tigne. The piazza is home to a number of top notch eateries which will provide office tenants and visitors to the area further scope for their entertainment and leisure time.

Relocating your business to The Centre will be one of the smartest decisions you'll ever make and one your staff will thank you for.

Iniala5 Gallery

Iniala5 is a company formed between international brand Iniala and Marie Gallery5, with the aim to widen the opportunities for local and international artists in the contemporary art scene. Iniala5 has established one of its four galleries at The Centre, on the ground level of the building. More info on Iniala5 can be obtained at